What’s in store for 2011 at Kingston Brass?

Kingston Brass will unveil their three new brands this year -- Fauceture, Gourmetier and Designer Trimscape.

2010 was an exceptional year for Kingston Brass.

The company underwent a series of changes during the past year but progressed despite the current problem with today’s economic climate.

Since its existence, KB has steadily grown selling their wide line of kitchen and bathroom products.  In 2010, three notable changes were made that helped KB to grow further economically:

  • Last January, KB successfully began integrating a large number of their products to be compliant with the California Health and Safety code section 116875 (AB1953). AB1953 is the code signifying that plumbing fixtures must have lead content no higher than 0.25% in weighted average to classify it as being “lead free.” With KB providing a series of lead-free products to the public, the company promotes in being a greenhouse builder and continues to obtain items with AB1953 compliance.
  • During the course of last year, KB also had focused on the aspects of design and the supply chain to fulfill the varieties of product demands from the U.S. market.
  • With KB’s expansion, the move to increase in personnel was also made in 2010. The additional help was necessary in fulfilling the extra work that emerged from the company’s growth. The move was also an effort to better accommodate customers.

Kingston Brass CEO Erik Chen has introduced various ideas in diversifying KB products by offering quantity with quality to the public.

“We have prepared to introduce 15 new collections of new product lines that have been worked on in the past three to four years,” he said.

To better accommodate the public, the collections will provide a better of way of marketing as a designer brand, Chen said.

Along with the new collections, Chen has altered KB’s large volume of items by creating three divisions (brands)—Fauceture, Gourmetier and Designer Trimscape. Each of these brands will host a particular group of products presented to give the public more of what KB has.

“We have set these brands up as a strategic business unit to cover the small niche market,” said Chen. “With more up-to-date products coming soon we also have a new structure pending to enhance the performance of these three brands.”

As a different sales strategy, the three divisions of KB will create a better infrastructure and also to provide convenience for the customers, he said.

For more information on the three brands, log on to www.fauceture.com,www.designertrimscape.com, and www.gourmetiersink.com.